Friday, 14 January 2011

"At the doors of Babylon, You are my Zion,
Pacing Tiger, The keeper's cage,
Invisible light shoots from your eyes,
A sign I can see from my high rise"

The video for "Invisible Light" by Scissor Sisters directed by Marc Gom├ęz del Moral.
Inspirational and shot beautifully, the whole dream-like sequence of this video is so rich aesthetically and so surreal, I had to share some of the stills in here as they work really well individually.

Where bricks of mortared diamonds tower,
Sailor's lust and swagger lazing in moon's beams,
Whose laser gaze penetrates this sparkling theater of excess and strobed lights,
Painted whores, sexual gladiators, fiercely old party children,
All wake from their slumber to debut the Bacchanal.
Come to the light! Into the light! The invisible light."

View the video here.